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Educators jobs 2022 Hello This post is very useful for those who are waiting for recruitment of fresher Educators Read Full Post For example, yesterday the Minister of Education Mr. Murad Ras made it clear that the new recruitment will not be through PPSC but through NTS or any such testing service. (It does not have negative markings and the test is easier than PPSC). ️ Now let me tell you which testing service has a higher chance of getting hired. Let’s first tell about the criteria for both. PPSC Merit/Selection Criteria • Academic Marks 40 (Max) % of your marks from Matric to Master will be calculated

How many of your numbers makeup 40? • Written Test Marks: Secured/2 (50%) (40% required to qualify for interview) Half of the marks you get in the test will be added to the merit • Total Interview Marks: 100 (50% to qualify) The interview will be of 100 marks out of which 50 marks will pass • 10 marks for MPhil & Ph.D. holders • Total Marks=200 Out of total 200 marks, the one whose marks will be higher will be selected. NTS Merit / Selection Criteria ️ This policy is for educators recruited through NTS in 2018. • Matric 16 Marks • Intermediate 16 Marks • Graduation 20 Marks

Master 20 Marks Or BS (Hons) 40 marks • Professional Qualifications 3 Marks Out of the total marks for all the degrees given above, the higher the % marks you get, the higher the merit will be. • Interview 5 Marks Interview marks will be given equally to all the candidates 3 or 4 marks • NTS Written Test 100 Marks (20% Add in Merit) 20% of the marks you get in the test will be added to the merit i.e. if you get 50 marks in the test then 10 marks will be added to the merit. • Same Tehsil Marks 4 If you apply in your own tehsil, you will get 4 marks in the merit of your tehsil. If you apply in another tehsil, you will not get the 4 marks of this tehsil Total Merit Marks = 100 Out of the total 100 marks, the one whose merit will be higher will be his

Selection will be done ️ 2017 recruitment through NTS was union council wise and its policy and merit details are as follows • UC 8 Marks • Village 4 Marks • Matric 13 Marks • intermediate 15 Marks • Graduation 15 Marks • Master 15 Marks • Professional Qualification 5 Marks • Interview 5 Marks • NTS 100 Marks paper (20% Will be Added in Merit) Total Merit Marks = 100 Out of total 100 marks, the one whose merit will be higher will be selected Now let’s talk about who is more likely to be recruited. If the recruitment will be through NTS, then the candidate who has higher academic marks has more chances because the one who has higher marks will have more merit and along with this the marks of the NTS Written Test are also very important.

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