Post for PST having master’s in physical education, computer or health sciences

Four is one of the worst policies ever for teachers. Where are the PSTs with Masters in Computer Science or Masters in Physical Education and Sports Sciences? Under which Act has their promotion been included in EST General?

If Arabic is separate, why are physical education and computer included in general? Why the same misbehavior with the combination of double math computer, state, etc.? It is requested by the authority to end this cruelty. PSTs in Computer or Physical Education

The seniority list of those having Master’s degrees should be separated. By law, every elementary and high school has at least one E-S-T computer and one E-S-T physical education set. If the number of students exceeds 1000,

there are two E-S-T Physical Education seats. But how long will these P-S-T teachers who have master’s degrees in physical education be treated unfairly? It is often argued that those seats are converted.

This is the question, why were the physical education seats converted, while this seat is a separate cadre? In this regard, we demand that the authorities take notice of this and restore all the converted ES-T Physical Education seats.

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