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Aslam Alaikum, many people ask about getting tutorship of Allama Iqbal Open University, how can it be obtained? The most important and mandatory thing to get tutorship is advertisement by university for tutorship in

any multi media daily and recently university has not given any such advertisement if university advertise then university in bank. A challan of Rs.1000 is filled in the account and you have to write your details on the form.

In many videos on YouTube, it is said that this is not a job at all, but the assignments that are done in every semester only have to be marked and the results are sent to the university, after which the work of the tutor is over. It happens

And the tutor is paid and must have five years of teaching.Aiou is good university in experience by the way.All Educated person who teach in government school and college both male and female can registered himself in AIOU tutor ship.

This is part time job we asked about this ,tutor ships in AIOU provide assignement of students and their tutor check and mark final sheet. #AIOUSED #AIIUTUTORSHIP

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