Course after intermediate | Medical class | Non-medical result

Best course in the pakistan for student after intermediate education.In pakistan their is large or we say huge chances for student after their intermediate education.

First off we say every students intelligence or mediacure students wo get good marks but fails to decision for which type is best for him after intermediate passed.

Here we solved his issue after intermediate class that is ,three types of degree a students can pass in intermediate class.First one is Medical degree here students read biology instead of mathematics.

The second one is that students can chose non medical degree for their scope of engineering,and the last and 3rd one in intermediate class is ICS this type of field is going on about computer field which best if students can understand this.

Now here we finally disscused details about how many field their after intermediate medical class students after pass their intermediate.

First we discussed medical why we chose this degree after intermediate class,medical classes selection for those students who want to become doctor or any other field of doctor.

Most of them want to become doctor.Medical field is high demand in pakistan and other country because this best profession.

If the students get good or high marks he or she will get admission in top medical university in pakistan because their is high merit overall in pakistan for doctor degree program.

  • The field students want get admission in after intermediate
  • MBBS program
  • BDS program
  • D Pharmacy program
  • Doctor of physiotherapy program
  • Nursing program
  • BS agriculture program four year program
  • BSc physiotherapy
  • Medical laboratory

These are the field for student get admission in bachelor’s program after their passing intermediate class with good or high marks,because their is high competition in pakistan about these degree.

The details about these program many field available for their admission after intermediate class.

Their is lots of students who want to get admission in pre engneering class .Engneering field is very hard work required and most interesting subject relating field.

Those students who are properly good in their mathematics subject we advised them to go in pre engneering field.

Their is many field in engneering but here we give whose has more interest of students

  • Civil engneering program
  • Software engneering program
  • Textile engneering program
  • Mechanical engneering program
  • Electrical engneering program
  • Computer engneering program
  • Architectural Engneering program
  • Mechatronics and control engneering program

Student of intermediate can apply these degree after intermediate class.
Computer in large field in networking.

If the students really want to get admission in computer field he good to get admission in many field of computer.

Just like other science branch also computer field has many branches like we say some of them here developing ,software and many other.

  • Some of them we discussed here
  • BSCS program
  • Computer application
  • Software engneering program
  • Computer engneering program .
  • Best of luck for student to chose their selection of degree related.

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