Marks improvement in Matric 2022 | New Update Marks Improvement

Marks improvement in Matric 2022 | New Update Marks Improvement You can choose any one of the four options for improvement

  • First part 1 complete
  • Second part 2 complete
  • Third parts 1 and 2 complete

And the fourth option is to improve the subject. For example, if you want to improve physics, then you have to give the paper of both physics part 1 and 2. Question: When can we improve? Answer:

After the result of part 2 you can improve here you are given 2 options Improve with supply students in the first 40 days Second, give the improvement paper in the annual papers next year One of the two methods given above can be chosen, but the second method is preferable. Q: How often can we improve? Answer: As per board rules, improvement papers can be given only once.

MatricResult2022. Question: If we do not give the paper after sending improvement admission, can we give the paper again next year? Answer: In this case, your previous marks will remain and you will not be able to give improvement papers again. Question: What will happen if marks are less than before? Answer:

If your total marks are less than before after improvement, it is written on the result card as marks not improved…and your previous year’s marks are considered final marks. #marksimprovement #MatricResult2022

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